Refold: The Cardboard Standing Desk

Standing desks. They seem to be all the rage right now.

A couple guys here at the Quad use standing desks, so I figured, "Hey, why not give it a try?" So I went to Lowes one morning, bought some wood and cinder blocks, and raised up my monstrous desk (built by Robert Brutz of Finley & Birch) almost 17". 

It cost me a whopping $18.38 for the supplies.


All that to say, I was introduced to this really cool idea today (via Sidebar), and it deserves a post...

The company is called Refold.

And what do they make? Cardboard Standing Desks.

The idea of packing up your desk and toting it to your favorite beach, mountain lookout, or wherever your work takes you, is quite appealing.


Refold even quotes Dr. Anup Kanodia, MD., from Ohio State University saying, "Sitting is the new smoking."

There are those, however, who say, "sitting down at work is no worse than standing," but after using a standing desk for a few weeks, I would agree that "working while standing promotes productivity and engagement with others." 

There is a downside (in my opinion): I was a little sad to see such a high price tag on the desks. Refold  is selling these things for $260 NZD, just over $173 US! I'm not sure why the cost is so high...if they came down in the $50-75 US range, then we'd be talkin'.

I guess for now I'll just stick to my normal, wooden-top, steel-legged desk with my $18.38 upgrade, and admire a good idea from afar.

But well done, Refold!

Check them out at