Today I realized...

...that I should really have a website of some sort on the 'ol World Wide Web.

You'd think that as a graphic designer, I should have some sort of portfolio online. No-brainer, right?

Some Background

Well, after becoming a legal business back in August of 2009 under the name VIII EAST, I had a basic portfolio site up that was not easy to update. I was doing everything in Dreamweaver manually. Blah.

I went to Mozambique over the summer of 2011 and left my business behind for 10 weeks. I had been working on a new website leading up to my leaving, but all those files were somehow lost when my hosting service went through some sort of server transition. =( 

Needless to say, I didn't get a new site up before I left.

Me in Mozambique

Me in Mozambique

I came back from Africa after being gone from the end of May to the beginning of August, and strangely enough business began to flow in again. How could that be?

I like to tell people that God is my PR. Work seems to come regardless of whether I have a website or not. There's a simple principle that I think makes sense of this: Be faithful with what you have (even if it's a little) and you will be given more. 

In November of 2011, I renamed the company to Faith, Hope & Love Creative, LLC. Since the rename, I've not had an official site, but my Agent has handled my workload and taken care of me.


Flash forward a few years to today, October 23, 2015, where I'm working at The Quad, a coworking space in Athens, Ga.

A little plug for coworking spaces: they're the bees knees. Being around other creatives is invaluable. The ability to pass along tips, tricks, client referrals, get advice and get feedback is, well, simply awesome.

Since moving my office here this past July, I've had the privilege of working amongst some amazing people. 

After getting some crash course lessons on Glyphs from local type designer Mattox Shuler [of Fort Foundry], I designed a quick hand drawn typeface (Aldi) and posted it as a free download on my Dribbble. I hoped people would find it useful, but I had no way of keeping track of who downloaded it, or how many downloads it had.

After watching and learning from Matt D. Smith here at The Quad, it seemed like a better plan to give stuff away through Gumroad, giving me the ability to keep track of downloads and build a mailing list of sorts. After contacting one of my customers, he told me that he found Aldi "on somebody's blog after searching for handwritten fonts."

On somebody's blog? Who? Cause I don't have one.

This made me curious, so I did a Google search for "handwritten font aldi" and I was pleasantly surprised. There are multiple blogs that posted about Aldi.

Enter the realization that I need something online besides simply forwarding my domain ( to my Dribbble. I need something up as a home-base to enable me to track site visits and see other metrics.

And you know, I think it'll be nice to have a place to write about life and work. So I guess you could call this my portfolio website, but it's more than that. Graphic design is what I do, not who I am. 

I hope as I develop content for this site, you'll find some useful resources and encouraging words that will help you along.

So go pick up Aldi! That's all for now!